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Friday, 28 July 2006


The SZD-51-1 JUNIOR is a single-place club sailplane, with safe and docile handling qualities, specifically designed for early solo and recreational flying.

The Junior was designed from the outset as a club glider, not as a fixed gear version of a competition sailplane. It feature a large and comfortable cockpit with a more upright seating position that is preferred by club pilots, a fixed undercarriage with an oversized tire to soften landing, and an unusually strong airframe designed to endure 9,000 hours of demanding club operation. But the key ingredient to the Junior's success is a wing with considerably more wing area than racing sailplanes and an airfoil optimised for safe handling and smooth stall characteristics.

The Junior is certainly the logical choice for pilots during the critical early solo stage. But the admiration of the Junior doesn't end there. After developing basic flying skills in the Junior, many pilots continue to prefer it for cross-country and wave flying and even sports class competition.

The latest development of the SZD-51-1 offers several new features which make it more desirable then ever. Rigging has been further simplified with fully automatic coupling of all flight controls. Cockpit comfort and convenience have been improved with the addition of a fully adjustable pilot's back rest and a new stick-mounted automatic trim device.

Design life: 9,000 hours.



 Span  15.00m
 Length  6.69m
 Height  1.57m
 Wing Area  12.51m²
 Aspect Ratio  18.00
 Empty Glider Mass  225kg
 All-Up Mass  380kg
 Load Factors  +5.3/-2.65
 Maximum L/D  35 at 80km/h
 Stalling Speed  60 at avg.masskm/h
 Minimum Sinking Speed  0.58 m/s at 70 km/h
 Never Exceed Speed  220km/h



SZD Junior VH - XOC

Three Axis View of SZD Junior



SZD Junior VH - XOC

FLIGHT MANUAL download (PDF 0.94MB)



Geelong Gliding Club obtained it's Junior in 1989, purchasing it new from the Gliding Club of Victoria. It came on line later that year after being painted (it had been imported unfinished).

It was acquired to fill the gap in the club's fleet as a first conversion glider between the dual seat trainers and the SZD Jantar. Being more docile in it's handling characteristics it was better suited to this task. It has remained online ever since and proved to be one of the most popular club gliders.

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