Club Fleet

  • VH-YPW, PW-6U (SZD Jezow - Poland)

    VH-YPW, PW-6U (SZD Jezow - Poland)

    VH-YPW was purchased from a private owner in December, 2015.

  • VH-GPZ,  AS-K13 (Schleicher - Germany)

    VH-GPZ, AS-K13 (Schleicher - Germany)

    The ASK 13 was acquired in 1981 to replace the metal fatigue prone Blaniks previously used. Purchased from the Adelaide Gliding Club, it had originally been modified by Harry Schneider with a wheel replacing the nose skid. The club, being concerned about the reliability of the modification, restored it to it's original configuration.

    The ASK 13 has served as the club's primary trainer for many years proving ideal for the task combining excellent flight characteristics for the trainee, good visibility for the instructor, with impressive durability and ease of maintenance.

  • VH-OWL, SZD-50-3 Puchacz (SZD - Poland)

    VH-OWL, SZD-50-3 Puchacz (SZD - Poland)

    The glider was purchased new from SZD Bielsko in 1994 arriving a few months later. VH-OWL is fitted with the optional rear instrument panel. It was obtained originally for air experience flights, and advanced training but with a view to taking over the role as a primary trainer in the future.

    Puchacz; pronounced “Puhatch”, is Polish for Eagle Owl, hence the fortuitous registration.

  • VH-GHE, Duo Discus (Schempp-Hirth - Germany)

    VH-GHE, Duo Discus (Schempp-Hirth - Germany)

    Purchased from VMFG in 2011.

  • VH-XOC, SZD 51-1 Junior (SZD - Poland)

    VH-XOC, SZD 51-1 Junior (SZD - Poland)

    Geelong Gliding Club obtained it's Junior in 1989, purchasing it new from the Gliding Club of Victoria.

    It was acquired to fill the gap in the club's fleet as a first conversion glider between the dual seat trainers and the SZD Jantar. Being more docile in it's handling characteristics it was better suited to this task. It has remained online ever since and proved to be one of the most popular club gliders.

  • VH-IUD, SZD-48-1 Standard Jantar 2 (SZD - Poland)

    VH-IUD, SZD-48-1 Standard Jantar 2 (SZD - Poland)

    VH-IUD was purchased new from Camden in 1980. A group of members was flown to Sydney (courtesy of the RAAF) to evaluate the prospective purchase.

    The glider fitted in well as a higher performance single seater. It competed in the World Championships in 1987 being flown byEva Daroczy of Hungary. It later performed the role of the clubs first single seat conversion for many years before being supplanted by the Junior.

    At present the glider has been fitted with winglets; reputed to improve the low speed handling and performance significantly.

  • VH-UKA, LS4a  (Rolladen-Schneider  - Germany)

    VH-UKA, LS4a (Rolladen-Schneider - Germany)

    VH-UKA was purchased from a private owner in December, 1984. It competed in the World Championships 1987, where it was flown by J. Widmer of Brazil finishing 10th in a field of forty four.

    Originally an LS4 it was converted to an LS4a by the appropriate modifications.

  • VH-GDH, DG 300 (Glaser-Dirks - Germany)

    VH-GDH, DG 300 (Glaser-Dirks - Germany)

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