Club Fleet

  • PW6 (YPW)

    PW6 (YPW)

    Our most shiny two-seater, this is a very modern, sleek and quiet glider to get around in. We teach our image-conscious new pilots to fly in the PW6. We then check that they can also fly a real glider (see K13).

    If we’re not too busy with training our student pilots, we can sometimes fit visitors in for an ‘Air Experience Flight’ in this glider.

    Designed at the Warsaw University of Technology and made in Poland with love by SZD Jeżów.

  • AS-K13 (PZ)

    AS-K13 (PZ)

    So light it will fly away by itself if we don’t hold it down on windy days. We’ve had this glider since before a lot of our pilots were born.

    Lovingly maintained and handled, our K13 is a real treat for people who want to experience a flight in the gliding equivalent of the famous Tiger Moth.

    An ‘Air Experience Flight’ in the K13 is a real treat for anyone who prefers dignified retro chic and life in the middle lane.

    Built by the (now retired) boys and girls at Alexander Schleicher in Germany.

  • Puchacz (OWL)

    Puchacz (OWL)

    Don’t even try to pronounce the name of this thing. You could try saying ‘Pooh-hatch’ (which sounds a bit rude). Puchacz is Polish for Eagle Owl, so we grabbed a great registration - even though only the Poles get it.

    We’ve had this gadget since it was a freshly-hatched Eagle Owlet, so we know it very well. One of the Polish guys in our club used to win competitions in it on a regular basis. If you like lots of twisty-turny stuff and aerobatics, this glider is the one to give you all the thrills you can handle. Or, you can be flown more gently, stay up a bit longer, and still have an awesome flight.

    Designed by Adam Meus and built in SZD Bielsko-Biała where all the best gliders come from.

  • Duo Discus (HE)

    Duo Discus (HE)

    Our Duo is a high performance glider that could take you and your pilot on an aerial tour to The Grampians and back. However, you probably don’t want to risk missing lunch or dinner, so we may fly you locally if this beautiful piece of aviation engineering is available (which on a good day it won’t be). From 6,000 feet the Duo can fly over 30 miles without stopping to climb. Not bad fuel economy really.

    Designed by Schempp-Hirth, originally made in Germany and more recently in the Czech Republic.

  • Junior (XOC)

    Junior (XOC)

    This is the glider our recently-qualified solo pilots move on to when they’ve proved themselves in our two-seat trainers.

    Flying this glider for the first time, many pilots say it’s like moving from driving a truck to a car. Imagine what they would say if we put them straight into a high performance single-seater.

    After getting plenty of experience in the Junior, pilots can move on to our other, higher performance single-seaters.

  • Jantar Standard (IUD)

    Jantar Standard (IUD)

    This glider is everywhere in Poland and so we just had to have one!

    Just to make it even better we've fitted winglets to improve the low speed handling and performance.

    It's great value for money. You can fly this after doing enough hours in the Junior.

    Don't forget to put the gear down!!!

  • LS4 (UKA)

    LS4 (UKA)

    This is probably our cross-country pilots’ favourite glider. It is beautifully balanced and a joy to fly.

    It can take water ballast and is very effective with the right pilot in Club Class competitions.

  • DG300 (DH)

    DG300 (DH)

    An excellent glider with a canopy that provides superior views of the surrounding sky.

    Very pleasant and comfortable to fly, even without ballast.

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